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    Richard Mille RM 037

    richard mille watch price RM 037, another of the brand's watches, uses innovative shapes and uses cutting-edge materials, and the results are interesting.

    Richard Mille is a relative "newborn in the neighborhood" and has won many fans from all over the world. The company circumvented many of the historical norms associated with high-end timepieces, using cutting-edge technology and a new perspective on watch design.

    Formula 1 technology is becoming more and more technical, and new materials are pursuing strength, rigidity and light weight. Richard Mille seeks inspiration from this industry and seeks innovation not only to differentiate himself, but to find an excellent watch construction method.

    Rafael Nadal wears Richard Miller in an important Grand Slam tennis match. Although you may say that he is the spokesperson for the brand, many watches will be worn by the sports world at the press conference, not in the important events in the calendar. However, the watch decorated on Nadal's wrist is very lightweight and extremely resistant to impact. Based on his many victories, it apparently did not put any burden on his performance.

    Philippe Massa was wearing his Richard Miller RM 011 buy replicas watch when he had a major accident at the 2009 Hungarian Grand Prix. Although Felipe recovered completely from the accident, he did receive it. Seriously injured. This is not the case, Richard Miller RM 011 is wearing when he manipulates Ferrari, the fate of Fer.

    Watches, especially complex watches, shouldn't be like this. They should be respected and taken seriously. However, Richard Mille gave his watch a sturdiness that we have never used before.

    It is not only the innovation of the case structure, but also the innovation of the movement design. The new Calibre CRMA1 is the company's first internal campaign and has abandoned tradition in some key areas.

    I personally agree with the Platinum model, however, this model is available in both titanium and red gold. Usually, the box consists of a piece of metal. Richard Miller chose to present his case from three key parts; the bezel, the case and the back. This is further complicated by the fact that all components must be perfectly combined to prevent dust or moisture from entering, the curved profile of the bezel and the back of the case.

    The tools required to make the case require 255 machining operations and require more than 5 hours of glazing and polishing in the final stages of production. This is of course not a derivative, but rather that manufacturing and assembly are more suitable for the Formula 1 or aerospace industry.

    Splined screws are part of the watch design language, but they are fully functional and ingeniously designed. They are made of grade 5 titanium alloy and are equipped with wear-resistant stainless steel washers for a total of 20. They kept all the elements of the case together.who sells the best replica watches

    The dial has a cutout design with eight silicon brackets on the dial, reminiscent of anti-roll bars on the car. Roman numerals are laser engraved. The oversized date display is at 12 o'clock. It uses two cutout calendars on a white area to change the date almost instantly. The putter at 10 o'clock provides an easy way to correct the date.

    The Calibre CRMA1 is Richard Mille's first internal movement. I often feel guilty about decoration. CôtesdeGenève, blue screws, perlage and ruby ​​provide my favorite visual enjoyment. However, Richard Miller did not follow this practice.

    The crown deserves special mention. The impact of the car continues. The 4 o'clock position button is used for selection; “W” (winding), “N (neutral) or “H” (manual setting), and the adjacent indicator shows the selected function.

    After selecting the function, you can reverse the crown to make the necessary adjustments. The crown is made of red gold with a rubber knurled handle. The pusher is also made up of red gold.

    The stem structure is patented and unique to Richard Mille. It is designed to prevent the crown from falling off and is easy for the watchmaker to perform simple maintenance.

    The reason for the end is to ensure that there are no external metal obstructions or smooth and reliable operation of Mars movement.

    Richard Miller did not ignore any results, but instead used Microblasted; angles, milling parts and sinking. The 5th grade titanium substrate and the bridge were plated. The finishing is very good, different from the clock specifications. The rotor has a variable geometry. The rate of rotor oscillation can be fine tuned according to the wearer's level of activity.

    Richard Miller did not follow the usual practice of observing the methods used by other watchmakers, but sought inspiration from the motorsport industry that embraced new technologies. The short history did not weaken the blood of this watch manufacturer.

    The example of Richard Mille is different from other companies in the high-end watch industry. Instead of following the same path or following the same rules, it begins its journey, uses innovative methods to solve problems and watch obstacles, and creates exciting answers, many of which are

    Richard Mille RM 037 perfectly reflects this “blue sky thinking”.

    Technical specifications
    Model: Richard Mille RM 037
    Model reference: RM 037
    Case: 18K white gold case; Dimensions - width 34.40 mm x length 52.20 mm x height 12.50 mm; waterproof 5 bar (50 m).
    Function: hour; minute; date.
    Caliber reference: Calibre CRMA1
    Caliber: automatic winding; frequency 28,800vph (4 Hz); 25 gems
    Strap: rubber strap

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